Wednesday, January 11

The Sky is the Limit

I stumbled upon my old diary which was my treasure way back in high school. This was where I penned in all my thoughts, doodles, dreams, poems etc.

Looking at these drawings of mine in high school brought back many a memory. Memories of a girl who had big dreams in her eyes and proud of being who she was.

The common theme of all these drawings is clearly the many versatile faces of a woman. She can be whoever she chooses and wants to be....the endless possibilities. The drawings were focused on the unbridled feminine energy rather than the design or style per se.

This is truly gold for me!

´Freedom lies in being bold´ - Robert Frost


mamta sharma said...

Too artistic

Tina Sequeira said...

Thank you so much, Mamta!

Unknown said...

Priceless Collection...very creative.

Tina Sequeira said...

Yes, Indeed, Madhoo! Thank you, my dear!

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