Saturday, April 1

A is for Authentic April and Me! #AToZChallenge

April 2017 is here!

And I couldn't be more glad! For starters, it is the start of another new beginning...month...goals....journey...experiences and of course the #AToZChallenge 2017 for 26 days! Truly, exciting days and month ahead!

The theme of this month of April is ´Authenticity´ for me.

´The authentic self is the soul made visible´ - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Finding one´s authentic self is like digging up for some gold or unearthing a shining, brilliant diamond. Yes, it is a time-taking and awfully painful process. Dissecting ourselves wholly - all our wounds, fears, doubts, failures, pains, joys, thrills, successes, love etc is roller coaster ride of all our personal crests and troughs. For sure!

But, this serious soul-searching business is an essential task that need to be done some day! So, why not today! And, what better time to start this personal challenge along with Blog Chatter´s #AToZChallenge 2017!

Writing, in its purest essential form, is an authentic ritual. There is no room for masks, deception and lies in writing. The spiritual process of writing lies essentially in laying your soul bare open to the world. Whether the world likes you or not is immaterial! Because, that´s the authentic you, your soul flowing through your emotions and thoughts, captured forever in the written word.

Why are we so afraid and embarrassed of sharing our flaws and failures? Aren´t they essential in the creation of our personal success stories? What is Success without Failure? What is Love without Pain?  Essentially, the good and bad are two sides of the same coin. Neither is more embarrassing or gratifying that the other! It is all ´Maya´..a mere endless vicious cycle.

I believe all of us are uniquely brilliant and we all have a happy place to bask under the sun. Our true purpose in this life is to find our authentic selves and be true to ourselves above all else. Only then, can we achieve the ultimate goal of self-actualisation. What truly motivates us...drives us to our highest calling? That is when we peel off all the weighty layers of self-doubt, fears, pain etc. and let our true brilliant souls shine brightly like that precious diamond. Yes, that´s what all are - Precious diamonds!

So, let´s just be and celebrate our true authentic selves!

That´s my pledge for April! What´s yours?


Bushra said...

well written. Thanks for sharing Amazing Guide to your First Menstrual Period

Tina Sequeira said...

Thank You for stopping by, reading and appreciating the post, Dr. Bushra! Keep reading! Cheers!

Reema D'souza said...

That is so true Tina! Being authentic is the best because that is who we are rather than projecting to the world something that we aren't. All the best for the challenge :)

Tina Sequeira said...

Hey Reema! Such a pleasant surprise to hear from you. Your blogs are a pleasure to read...n you remind me of me when I was in my twenties. Love the way you have conceptualised this challenge...Thank you so much and All the best to you too! Keep writing and reading! Love and Cheers!

bellybytes said...

Above all to thine own self be true advised Polonios to Hamlet ... it's a hard call....

Tina Sequeira said...

Hello Bellybytes! What an apt quote for this post! Indeed a hard call but an essential one! Love n Cheers!

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