Tuesday, April 4

D is for Dancing In The Rain #AtoZChallenge

Pitter Patter!

Pitter Patter!

Ís it truly the sound of cold rain showers?´

´Yes, Indeed, my child´, exclaimed Grandpa

´Yippppeeee!´, I cried

As I spread my giant wings into the air,

Flying and landing to smooth grounding into the kitchen.

Only to find Mommy,

Chopping up some colourful vegetables

For a warm and toasty ´Pav Bhaji´ Dinner.

Splutter Splatter!

Splutter Splatter!

Sprung up a few cumin seeds

Lending a thick aromatic fragrance to the musty air

As they danced their way

Out of the kitchen window.

´Come On!´

Ordered Grandma

As she walked into the kitchen

In her cheery white and bright pink Salwar.

´Let´s go out and have some fun while it lasts.´

Slipping into my cotton petticoat

And Hawaii Chappals,

I hold Grandpa´s fingers

As all of us head out the door

Into the natural outdoors.

Warmly greeted by the fresh earthy smell

Brought in by the first April showers

Nothing has made the city of Hyderabad

Glow in its natural lustre and beauty

Ever like this before

For a while in a long, long time.

What a wonderful respite from the fiery heat!

What a wonderful way to celebrate,

By Dancing in the Rain.

Nothing so magical like,

Jumping with abandon gay,

 In the puddles with my girlfriend,

And getting wet and dancing like no one´s watching,

Except for my sweet loving family,

And the silver lined clouds and that faint rainbow,

As our privileged spectators,

Cheering us on as we sway our soaking wet bodies,

To the Jhankar beats of the musical raindrops.

Pitter Patter!

Pitter Patter!

Here comes the first April showers!

(A first time experience of playing in the rain as seen from a child´s eyes)



Tina Basu said...

Very nice poem, first time on your blog, all the best for a to z
Twinkling Tina Cooks
Tina Basu

Tina Sequeira said...

Hey Tina! Nice to hear from someone who shares your same first name...I´m a Tina too. So cool! Thank You so much for stopping by and appreciating the poem. Glad you liked it. I see that you have an amazing food blog. Will check it out. So, this is your first time..Keep visiting and reading! Thank you so much and wishing you the same as well. This is my first time ..the #AtoZChallenge. So far so good. Let´s see. Cheers!

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