Monday, April 17

M is for Motivation #AtoZChallenge

We all want motivation in our lives. Subconsciously, we are looking for it everywhere we go. In people, in books, in things around us, within ourselves etc.

Some of us have it. Some of us don´t. As for me, I have my good days when I stay highly motivated and some crappy days, when my motivation levels are nil.

So, what is motivation? We all know it and we all want it. But, how do we define it?

For me, motivation is something that generates interest and a deep desire within me. I remember watching a young man in his early twenties who went from ´fat to fit´ knocking more than 17 kgs. And, I happened to watch him eat so mindfully and consciously every bite that he had for lunch one day. He caught my interest and I wondered who or what was behind his inspiration. What was his motivation to stay off temptations and sacrifice so much? I asked him directly but didn't get an answer. His motivation surely couldn't go unnoticed though.

It struck me then that motivation is when you have this overwhelmingly powerful desire to change the status quo. You would rather undergo the pain and torture than stay the same.  In fact, staying the same is far more unbearable and tortuous than the sacrifices that one undertakes to make that uncomfortable shift.

So, how does one stay motivated? Even on days, when one doesn't feel any real burst of positive energy or motivation?

Going by the memoirs and books of various successful people, the secret lies in having a plan and  schedule  in place. Once you have a plan and routine in place, the motivation to complete the task at hand automatically kicks in. The trick is to keep moving and stop thinking about feeling motivated. Very often, the state of being bored and not being motivated has a lot to do with inaction or not doing anything challenging. Again, find something challenging enough to pique your interest and motivation levels. If it is too easy, you won´t be motivated and if it is too difficult, you may be demotivated. Find an ´achievable within your limits´ goal and challenge. Make a plan, have a schedule in place and stick with it religiously. You should have no problems and complaints about fluctuating or waning motivation levels anymore.

Maybe that was the young man´s secret to staying so motivated in his mission to keep fit.

What´s your secret to staying motivated?



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