Wednesday, April 19

P is for Practice #AtoZChallenge

As a mother of an 8 year old who is grappling with surmounting pressure of academics at school, I have these small pep talks with my little one. I try my best to explain to her the crucial importance of practise if one wants to excel in any field.

One of the earliest lessons that I have taught my little girl is that all of us are born with equally amazing capabilities. It is for us to discover those talents. That can be possible only when we are willing to give it a go..a try. Only when we are willing to explore and stretch our capabilities through the practise.

I told her that a child who practises, naturally goes on to perform well and is considered the most intelligent. And the one who doesn't practise is termed dull by the teacher and the peers. The key differentiator lies in the willingness to put in those practice hours everyday and it has nothing to do with actual intelligence per se.

For that matter, any goal can pursued easily with the humble beginnings of practise. Whether it is that Salsa dance one wants to learn and master or write like a pro!

When there is a subject or task that you just don´t like but it ought to be done because it is crucial, practise comes to handy. It makes the job at task or lesson to be learnt, seem relatively easier one step at a time. Yes, one day at a time principle!

Like the tiny droplets of water make the huge ocean! Similarly, little daily doses of practise will take you to greater glories.

When any goal seems unsurmountable, always remember that ´Tiny is Mighty!´ 



Namratha said...

This is applicable to me right now! I newly discovered that I like to write, but to become good at it so much practice will be required. According to the book, Outliers, the average number of hours to truly become a master at something is 10,000 hours. Those who put in that much of effort on a certain skill over the years are the ones who become truly famous. A great lesson for your daughter to learn at that age!

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Tina Sequeira said...

Oh wow, the is some interesting research ..10,000 hours to master something. I must read the book. Thank you so much for the recommendation and sharing your insightful thoughts. Such a pleasure reading them. Really! Please keep visiting this blog and sharing these wonderful thoughts of yours. Will read your posts shortly as well. Love and Cheers!

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