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W is for Writer Impressions #AtoZChallenge

‘Why do smile so much in the pictures?’, my girlfriend remarked.

What´s wrong?, I said.

´Well, you don't look like a writer from your pictures?´, she said.

´Really! What is a writer supposed to look like?´, I enquired with a hawk-like interest.

´Well, you know…Messy hair, lousy clothes, geeky glasses,…a look and expression that screams .that they don't give a damn to the world and what it thinks. They don't even give a damn about themselves. And, they are serious….dead serious…like they mean business…to change the world or something on those lines. Not, smiling happily and contented like you and looking all pretty and nice in some great outfits.´, she said.

´But a writer is real right. I am not faking happiness and this is me. I like to dress and express myself through my outfits too. Fashion and style is not always frivolous you know.´, I enlightened her.

´´Well! You and I know that! But try telling that to strangers who read your articles. Fashion and style is frivolous to writers. They just don't give a damn.´ she argued. ´Let me show you.´

And she took me to her room and opened her laptop. She browsed through google images and showed me several pictures of Arundhati Roy.

´Look at her! She doesn't care about her messy unkempt hair…the silver strands in them or her wrinkled up saree with mismatched blouse. That´s the look of a writer. Bingo!´, she screamed in euphoria.

So, we went around discussing and arguing more. Well! She was a very good friends and so we both had the liberty to disagree with each other´s views.

My argument was do I have to mould myself to fit a certain impression of the profession that I am in. Whatever happened to bring Ýou´ to the table wherever you go.

The fact is I write well. Nothing can change that fact whether I look or don't like a writer.

Recently, Sania Mirza came to the ´Koffee with Karan´show. Karan Johar asked her whether it doesn't bother her that her dressing style might alter people´s impressions about her as a serious tennis athlete and clothes send a message of frivolousness unlike other sports stars.

She justified her stance that this is who she really is. She loves fashion, glamour and style. And she is also a Tennis sports champion having won many world titles. She agreed that most sportsperson were simple but that was their personality. And this is hers. She wasn't unapologetic about it and she said people´s perceptions didnt bother her because she was focussed on doing what she needs to.

Isn´t there a saying on the lines of ´you make the outfit and not the other way around´? So, is seriousness ascribed to only professions such as medicine, teaching, writings and the likes and frivolousness attributed to the fashion and glamour industry?

Aren´t there glamorous doctors just as plain jane actors?

What about the popular adage - ´Don´t judge a book by its cover´´?



Deliciously Alive said...

I loved reading this , Tina, and your views on the topic too.
Do people still have such ideas about writers?

upasna said...

Hey Tina, I loved reading this post. You are right- We should only be what we are and not just reflect wrong picture of ours. I write and I like to be good dressed, I can't be serious all the time, I like parties too. We can't stereotype a profession and looks. I think you have published your future posts rather than scheduling them.

Geethica said...

Hi Tina. I so believe in your lines. It is the talent that speaks volumes about you and not the outfit. Glad to come here again.

Deepa said...

I agree..outfits do not decide about a person. We are who we are but I feel it's important to look good too as outer appearance is the first thing we see in a person and that's the first impression.

Boisterous Bee said...

Loved reading the post, Tina! It is what one feels about everything around them and make choices that suit them best!


Reema D'souza said...

Rightly said Tina! Why should one look a certain way to be something? Be yourself! That is the best thing to do.

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

Totally agree with the views here... and happy to see people standing up to this obvious hypocrisy. We need more posts like this.

White House of Anaheim: A Tale of Kindness and Karma

Keith's Ramblings said...

Well said! Breakaway, be different, be yourself. Leave stereotypes to the others.I do!

Another day in Amble Bay!

Tina Sequeira said...

Hi Deliciously Alive! Welcome here...It is our first time in here! Actually yes some of them still do! This came from a really good friend and so, I guess she was just trying to help me out so that others don´t get the wrong impression. But, I think ultimately ones work speaks for itself despite the image that you carry. Let´s say Alia Bhatt who looks a bit too young for her age but delivers some really mature and fine performances and such examples are many. So, I taught for a while and I got so many people telling me I look too young to be a teacher and would often get confused for being a student. But, when I up there and taught, students could see a marked difference in maturity levels and style compared to the other teachers who taught them. So, I firmly believe one´s work speaks loudly for itself..far more than the appearances of a person. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Keep reading! Cheers!

Tina Sequeira said...

Hi Upasana! Absolutely! And how much can you pretend to be something that you are not? After a certain stage of your life, you just don´t bother and focus on just being true to yourself and others, in the bargain. Nah! So glad you feel the same way. Keep reading! Love and Cheers!

Tina Sequeira said...

Oh Geethica! You are welcome here anytime. I so love reading your thoughts as well as most of the time, they seem to echo mine. Glad we agree on this one as Keep reading! Love and Cheers!

Tina Sequeira said...

Deepa - I agree! I love to dress up as well...but what I was stating was the impressions that come tagged with professions. Thanks for reading and sharing your views. Keep coming over here! Cheers!

Tina Sequeira said...

Hi Geetika! Hmm.....It´s true actually! We all do this and have our own rationale behind the choices that we make. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Keep reading! Cheers!

Tina Sequeira said...

Hey Reema! A warm welcome in here! It is you first time here and I am so glad that you stopped by, I have read a couple of chapters of your book ´Life of a Twenty Something´ and its been quite interesting, I must say! Absolutely, just summarised my whole post in those few lines. Keep visiting and sharing your thoughts! Cheers!

Tina Sequeira said...

Hi Dr.Roshan! Oh my, I am going to remember your words ...such a huge honour coming from you. Oh yes, we need more people who have the courage to just be themselves admidst hypocrisy as you rightly put it. So glad to see your comments in here...Keep visiting and sharing your thoughts! Cheers!

Tina Sequeira said...

Hi Keith! Hahahaha ...Yes, you said it, my friend! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing your delightful thoughts. Keep visiting! Cheers!

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